COMSTAR Wireless Capability Expanded to 16 Users

Eartec Wireless Headphones

Eartec Wireless Headphones

COMSTAR self contained wireless headsets allow your entire Recovery Crew to converse in an open line just like on a regular telephone within a 400-yard range. All standard COMSTAR systems include up to 8 self contained wireless headsets and a simple portable centralized signal relay. The System operates without belt pack transceivers or external antennas.

Now, for those Tow professionals that require a larger talk-net, COMSTAR systems are available with expanded capacity of up to 16 headsets so that all users that can communicate simultaneously in full duplex mode.

* Instant setup – No remote antenna required.
* Lithium Batteries have run time of 10 hours, fresh batteries field replaceable.
* Packed in a hard plastic weatherproof case (incl.) with custom foam.

For more information, contact:
Eartec Co. Inc.
(800) 399-5994