ECM Performance

ECM PerformanceECM Performance provides Engine Control Module (ECM) programming and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Deletion Tuning.

In real world work applications, repeated short drive times at less than highway speeds are very common. Also, trucks are increasingly used as machines requiring long idle and extended use in PTO (Power Take Off) Mode. Both scenarios prevent a truck from properly going into its regen cycle which is supposed to clean the DPF filter.

This is where the trouble begins. A clogged DPF filter can result in diesel soot backing up into the engine, causing damage to the VGT actuator, turbo, fuel injectors and EGR solenoid. Also, the unburned fuel injected into the exhaust system, as part of the regen cycle, can go into the crankcase contaminating the engine oil. Customers unbolt the ECM from the engine block, unplug the harness connections and ship it to ECM Performance. For most applications, the original engine data is immediately read from the ECM and backed up three ways for the customer’s protection.

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