Steck MFG – 3 BigEasy Solutions

BigEasy GLO with Easy Wedge & Carrying Case

Glow-in-the-dark powder coating allows you to see the tool at night or through tinted windows.

  • 55 inches long.
  • Improved non-marring wedge. Now it’s wider, longer, and smoother.
  • Lock Knob Lifter for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door.
  • Easy Wedge for inflatable controlled opening of door for insertion of the BigEasy
  • Paint Protector reduces friction between the car door and the BigEasy
  • Carrying Case with convenient pockets for holding all of your lockout tools.

BigEasy Night Light

Suction cup LED light illuminates dark car interiors. A great addition to your BigEasy kit, the BigEasy Night Light allows hands-free illumination of the vehicle interior at night to allow tow driver, lock-out technician, officer and/or first responder to locate the door lock or keys while using the BigEasy Lock Out tool or other similar devices. Suction-cup design adheres the Night Light to the windshield or window of the vehicle. Powerful LEDs illuminate the interior, so you know exactly where to position the BigEasy tool.

BigEasy Loop

A simple and inexpensive device to assist the technician in using the BigEasy to open locked cars by grasping door handles and window cranks. The BigEasy Loop snaps on to any of our BigEasy Lockout Tools to provide easy leverage to pull door handles and window cranks during the door unlocking process. Handy accessory tool easily snaps on the end of the BigEasy Tool avoiding need to purchase additional and more costly specialty tools. BigEasy Loop is made from high-density polyethylene which provides a strong but flexible tool to adapt to any angle required to complete the unlocking process. It is mold injected with reflective substances which will ‘Glo’ after absorbing sunlight for use with tinted windows and headlights for night time lockouts. BigEasy Loop is easily stored in pant’s pocket or BigEasy Carrying Case.

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