FlowStop has launched its newest product, a football shaped, polyurethane impregnated, wateractivated
foam plug. Its revolutionary qualities will temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe, to a tanker, to a rail car—even a boat hull! What makes the “Football” so unique is that it starts as a pliable plug that can be easily inserted into a void. Then it quickly expands and hardens to fill the void, taking the shape of a small child’s football. The versatile repair plug can even be applied below the water line!

The FlowStop Football offers many significant benefits to the spill containment and marine industries as well as fire departments, HazMat teams, first responders and clean-up crews. It’s ready to use immediately, with no mixing or other prop work required. The application is fast, simple and mess-free. Most important of all, it sets rock hard in under three minutes – and works for all types of accidents, punctures and leaks.

“When a leak needs to be stopped fast, the Football Plug is the most reliable product available today,” says Perry Beaty, president of FlowStop’s manufacturer, Logos Inc. “It saves valuable time in avoiding crisis situations more effectively than anything else on the market. We’re amazed by its ease of use and are pleased to be adding it to our product line of unique pipe plugs.”

The Football Plug Kit includes five “Footballs” that come in a 3 ½ gallon portable plastic water bucket with lid along with step-by-step instructions and protective gloves. Each Football foil packet is approximately 7 inches by 7 inches. Once submerged in water for just 5 seconds, the yellow-foam is used to plug the hole—curing in less than three minutes in temperatures ranging from 32 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Remaining Footballs can be easily stored in the bucket for future use.

The Football Plug provides excellent resistance to gasoline, kerosene, diesel, formaldehyde and other urethane chemicals and toxins.
To order, call 877-356-9767 or visit www.FlowStop.net.

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