Fuel Your Truck, Equipment and Toys With Transfer Flow’s All-in-one 40-Gallon Toolbox and Refueling Tank Combo

Transfer Flow, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tank systems, has introduced a 40-gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo – great for manually filling your fuel tank as well as filling other vehicles or equipment.  This innovative new product incorporates a toolbox with over six cubic feet of storage space. It fits domestic and imported full-size pick-ups, and comes pre-assembled with a 12-volt refueling pump, 12-foot hose and nozzle, wire harness with dash-mounted power switch and mounting hardware.  And because the fuel fillneck is located inside the locking storage compartment, your fuel is kept safe and secure!

For more information on Transfer Flow’s 40-gallon fuel tank and toolbox combo, call (530) 893-5209, or visit their website at www.transferflow.com.