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MPD 30
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MPD 30 SP solid paint marker from Competitive Advantage makes permanent marks on a wide variety of surfaces. Formerly known as Tow Pro, MPD 30 SP is an excellent choice for glass, metal, rubber, chrome, concrete, wood and plastics. The versatility of applications led to the renaming.

MPD 30 SP is solid paint and is capable or writing under the most extreme conditions, including wet (even underwater), cold (down to -40) and hot temperatures. The performance under a wide variety of extreme weather conditions makes it the ideal marker for the towing industry, auto auction sites, scrap yards and oilfield maintenance.

MPD 30 SP is available exclusively online at in seven colors. MarkingPenDepot also sells Sakura Solid Paint Markers, Unipaint felt tip markers, Posca removable markers and AutoWriter removable body shop markers.

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