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No Jack

A tow truck operator’s duties typically involve much more than just towing disabled vehicles, from jump starts, lock outs, fuel deliveries, recovery winching, tire changes to various on-site repairs. Many of these duties require the use of a service jack. From re-positioning broken ball joints and tie rod ends to prepare for towing, to installing spare tires and a myriad of other situations, a service jack is a necessary tool for any successful towing operator.

NO-JACK allows a self-loading wheel lift to be utilized safely as an on-site automotive service jack and adds functionality, speed and safety for a towing operator.

The NO-JACK advantage:

  • Reduces the need for service jacks
  • Grab handles make it easy to carry, reducing the potential for back injuries
  • Zero set-up time reduces the time operators spend on busy roadsides
  • Does not require level or solid ground to lift a vehicle
  • Low profile loading end allows lifting of even the lowest vehicles
  • Supplements a service jack in situations that demand lifting two points of a vehicle
  • Compact enough to be stored behind truck seats, in tool boxes or mounted on the outside of the truck
  • No moving parts to wear out or fail, safer than hydraulic service jacks
  • Rugged powder coated tubular steel body
  • Turns your wheel lift into a heavy duty floor jack
  • Capable of pivoting 90 degrees with wheel lift
  • Extends reach of claws by 10″
  • Designed with pinch welds in mind
  • Perfect for rear differential loading
  • Effortless control arm loading

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