Zip’s Road Service Body

Zip's Road Service Body

Zip's Road Service Body

Zip’s is very excited to debut the revolutionary Road Service Body (RSB).  The RSB was specifically designed by Zip’s Truck Equipment with the Mobile Service Industry in mind.  Along with the premium quality of construction, the RSB will greatly improve call efficiencies by maximizing storage capabilities and uniquely customizing each and every unit to meet the service provider’s specific needs.

The all-aluminum constructed RSB allows for tool access from the ground; however, it also has a large indoor space with a work bench and even more ergonomically friendly storage.  With over 6 feet of head room, you can comfortably perform any task while staying out of the cold or rainy weather.

Zip’s has meticulously designed adjustable shelving & custom storage for items like filters, brake chambers, fittings, hoses, and hand tools, so daily inventory is now an option – bringing more money directly  to the bottom line.  Also, by having a place for each and every item, your operator will be much safer alongside the road due to less time in the line of traffic.

Whether you’re maintaining your own large fleet or aiding a stranded customer on the side of the road, the RSB will definitely work for you.  A custom fit RSB allows for endless options, including a fuel transfer system, tail lift gate, and a “4-in-1” generator, compressor, welder, and starting unit – all while maintaining ample storage space for consumables and more!

The RSB can be installed on any chassis configuration with a cab to axle length of 84” or 108”, a GVW ranging from 19,500# – 26,000# GVW, and 19.5” Wheels.  Zip’s can source the chassis of your likings for you or install an RSB on a truck provided by your local dealer.

Get your RSB exclusively from Zip’s by calling (800)222-6047 or visiting to order your RSB today!