An Interview with the Founder of Console Vault

Tow Professional: Scott how did this product first come about? 

Scott Bonvissuto: This first started as a solution to a common problem. Where do you put your valuables, firearm, etc. With confidence, Console Vault started as a hobby in 2001 and quickly outpaced my current full-time job. We cut our teeth in the gun community engineering a solution for secure storage.

TP: You saw this as an upgrade to current lockable storage in many vehicle platforms?

Scott: Yes!  Most vehicles are not very secure. They may have a locking console or glovebox; however, on a scale of 1 – 10 for security, at most, would score no better than 2 on protection. 

We designed a way to add an extra layer of security around the factory console without any modifications. Our products are designed to be a simple do-it-yourself installation. The Console Vault is hidden, secure, and adds an extra layer of security. 

TP: How many current models do you have? 

Scott: Currently 150 + sku #’s for cars and trucks, and even a vault for your Harley Davidson baggers. We are also an OE for Ford, and welcome opportunities with other OE’s. With 20 + years in the market, we take pride in our products and customer service! 

TP: Why do you feel this is such an important product this day and time? 

Scott: Statistics show that 80% of gun violence crime are from firearms stolen from vehicles that are not properly secured. The Console Vault adds peace of mind for storing your valuables, firearms, etc. and an extra layer of safety preventing access to firearms from any children in your vehicle.

TP: I understand you also have a passion for giving back.

Scott: Darian, I certainly do! We have a long list of charities that we enjoy giving to each year.  One that stands out that is near and dear to my heart is the First Responders Children’s Foundation. This past year, we were able to present them with a $12,000.00 donation.

TP: Scott, I certainly love your products and feel like they would have a fit in the towing industry has well! 

Scott: Darian, I agree! Whether you install our production in your personal or service vehicle, the vault will simply add protection from theft and limit liability keeping firearms and valuables safely secured away from customers. 

TP: Scott, thanks again for your time, and your fantastic products!

Scott: Thanks again, Darian! 

We have hundreds of different applications, designed for light trucks, SUVs, and select sedans across many makes, models, and years.

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