Fueling Success for Over 30 Years

By Jason Starr

Automated Fuels chart

Automated Fuels is a small business, just like most of the towing companies across the United States. What separates Automated Fuels from the rest of the Fleet Fueling Industry are consultation and customization. There are many large fleet fuel cards available in the marketplace today, such as WEX and Comdata. These giants may offer some level of convenience, but card fees and transaction fees can add up and increase your Total Costs of Fueling!

Automated Fuels has been servicing customers in the towing industry for a number of years, but recently has seen a great increase in the number of companies in the industry it is serving. Automated Fuels has towing industry customers from Pennsylvania to Illinois, and south to Alabama and Georgia. With over 1,250 locations in the Pacific Pride fuel network, Automated Fuels can help you almost anywhere in the United States.

Many owner/operators in the towing industry are still using cash or credit cards for their fueling needs. There is a better way, and Automated Fuels can show you how!

Automated Fuels, Fleet Fuel Consultants will work with you to see what options are best for your company. They want to get to know you. Every business has unique needs, even if they are similar businesses. What works well for Joe’s Towing Service might not work for Steve’s Wrecker
Company. Automated Fuels wants to learn about your business. Once we understand the needs of your business when it comes to fueling, we can customize a system that best meets those needs. We are not going to fit your unique needs into a standard box like some fleet fuel companies; we want to build a box that fit your needs perfectly!


  • Flexible Billing Options
  • Restrict Fuel by Type
    (i.e., Diesel or Gasoline; why would a diesel wrecker operator need to buy unleaded fuel?)
  • Restrict Fuel Purchases by Time
    (If your company only operates from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m., why should anyone be allowed to get fuel when they should not be operating?)
  • Restrict Fuel by Day
    (If your business doesn’t operate on Sunday, then your fuel cards should not access fuel on those days!)
  • Restrict Fuel by Transaction
    (If the truck has an 80 gallon diesel tank, why would they need to get more than 80 gallons per transaction?)
  • Eliminate Non Fuel Purchases
    (Credit Cards can be used anywhere; Automated Fuels cards can only be used an accepting network fuel locations.)
  • Save Administrative Time
    Comprehensive Fuel Management Reports that include the following:

    • Track Purchases by Vehicle and/or Person
    • Track MPG (Miles Per Gallon) for Each Vehicle
    • Complete Tax Summary on Every Report
    • No More Sorting Receipts
    • No More Data Entry
    • No More Credit Card Billing Statement to Convert

Here is what a few of Automated Fuels customers are saying about them. “Automated Fuels has helped us save money on our fuel cost. We have a couple of tanks on site, but their program works so well for our company, we purchase our fuel at Pacific Pride.”
Mike – Indiana

“I was sending my drivers with cash each day before I started working with Automated Fuels. Looking back, it was a nightmare with all of those receipts and creating reports. Automated Fuels has helped me manage my fuel costs and save me a lot of headache with their weekly fuel management reports.”
Jeff – Pennsylvania

“When I branched out and started my own company, I knew from my past experience with another towing company that Automated Fuels – Pacific Pride would work for me. Their customer service has been top notch!”
Paul – Indiana

“We were using one of the large fuel card companies for our fuel purchases. After working with our Fleet Fuel Consultant at Automated Fuels, we have been able to save time and money because they customized a fuel program specifically for our needs.”
Dan – Tennessee

Automated Fuels works with companies in many industries, but they understand some of the challenges you face in the towing industry. Let their 30 years in the fleet fueling industry help your business save time and money!

Automated Fuels