Steck Manufacturing’s BigEasy Lockout Tool Kits


Access to unlock cars for emergencies in seconds without damaging cars is a normal activity with Tow Drivers today. Whether they are assisting the police with a child locked in a car or providing vehicle unlocking services to their customers via auto clubs or direct calls, this service is also a very important revenue source for their companies.

Since many of the newer cars have theft deterrence built in, the old traditional multi-piece kits do not work well or can cause damage to the door linkages or door air bags. Tow Drivers provide these key services by using Steck Manufacturing’s BigEasy Lockout Tool kits. They find BigEasy’s 55” long rod made from ¼” steel gives them the firmness they need to access the various lock positions but also allows the tow driver the ability to flex the tool if needed.

All BigEasy kits, which are made in the USA, include a non-marring hard wedge, lock knob lifter for vertical locks on top of a door frame and a paint protector that protects the car from scratches. In addition, the “GLO” kits include a special powder coating that absorbs the light of the sun or from your headlights at night, so that it reflects the light, which is extremely useful for tinted windows and nighttime operations. Also another very popular accessory that can be purchased separately or as part of a kit is our inflatable Easy Wedge, which is made from ballistic nylon and will have a taffeta print on the exterior with a 30 gauge polypropylene insert for stiffness, which will lead to ease of insertion into the vehicle and not slip in extreme weather.

The BigEasy kit is simple to use by first inserting the hard wedge and/or Easy Wedge into the top of the door to allow enough room to then insert the BigEasy tool to press or hook the door lock from inside the window rather than using the door panel. The ease of the BigEasy to open doors from the inside the window reduces liability issues with traditional lockout tools, which have the potential to disable wiring systems inside the door panel. Steck also supplies other accessories to assist the Tow Driver provide these key services.

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