Future-proof your tow trucks tracking with the New LINK 740 from Webfleet Solutions

We are excited to announce that our next generation of telematics, the LINK 740 is now available in the United States. Alongside the trend of mobile network operators migrating their network from 2G/3G, we are happy to disclose our next generation LINK 740! LINK 740 is a future-proof vehicle tracking and fleet management device using the LTE-M mobile network technology. 

The first-choice fleet management device optimizes your workflow with broad integration. Equipped with CAN & Bluetooth connectivity and offers I/O interfaces, LINK 740 is designed to improve your fleet’s performance, helping your business advance to the next level.


  • Optimize your workforce & business performance by improving your fleet performance using precise up-to-date vehicle data and reduce your running costs by monitoring real-time and historical fuel usage.
  • Support crash detection and driver behavior analysis
  • Take the stress out of your operation. Manage your tax responsibilities using automatic logbook. Improve driver’s performance and safety using driving style analysis.
  • CAN bus connectivity for cars & LCVs allows fleet managers to access more precise vehicle status monitoring with information on actual vehicle odometer (rather than GPS odometer), fuel consumption, inspection intervals and malfunction indicators, and more. 
  • Integrate easily with additional hardware, e.g. Webfleet Solutions’ PRO Driver Terminals, sensors. 
  • Access a wide range of business applications with Bluetooth, 1-wire interface and up to 5 in/output design connect you to a large variety of different uses. 
  • For those managing Electric Vehicles (EVs), it’s now possible to stay connected with complete visibility of the EV’s battery level, charging status, remaining charging time and remaining driving range. 

Last but not least, LINK 740 is equipped with end-to-end data security and data privacy. It is a robust vehicle tracking device that you can rely on for a quality length of time. Take you fleet management to the next level.

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