Golight: Getting Things Accomplished In The Dark

Stryker ST, Golight

Stryker ST, GolightOver the years, Golight has had the distinct honor to help people from all walks of life get things accomplished in the dark.  Our lights have ridden shotgun on covert ops in the Middle East, guided open-water vessels back to harbor, helped carve roads out of rugged terrain, and aided in search and rescue efforts among countless other things.  We know more often than not after-hours service calls means battling wind, rain, snow, and ice and doing so in the dark.  In those conditions, light that can be remotely directed where it is needed, when it is needed is an essential tool for safety and productivity. 

Remote Control Lights by Golight feature:

Wireless remote options that operate the light from up to 80’ away or Hardwired Remote Control Options, Permanent or Portable Mounting, 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt, and is UV Ray and Saltwater Resistant. 

Golight GT Upgrades from the previous Golight RadioRay models include:

Updated exterior housing design, Higher torque drivetrain and more precise pan/tilt control, Increased Ingress protection from dust/water (IP56), Permanent mount models boast a robust 14 gauge stainless steel mounting bracket and Portable magnetic models have 2X magnetic grip. Golight GT is available in LED or Halogen and comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

Stryker ST Upgrades from the previous Stryker models include:

Multiple Unit Selector Function which allows for independent control of 2  units with 1 remote, Home Position Function (On-Command return to 0° home), New Wireless Technology Benefits including: Simultaneous Pan + Tilt, Multiple users can operate lights in close proximity without interference, Smart Programming Logic (Quick and simple pairing without dipswitches), and Fluorescent Remote Buttons.  Stryker ST is available in LED or Halogen and comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Our Light Output for both new product lines are:

Halogen, 225,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 3,113 ft., 5.5 amps at 13.8V and LED, 544,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 4,839 ft., 3.7 Amps at 13.8V.

Golight has been in business for over 25 years and we would love to help make your job not only safer but more productive. 

For a full listing of products please check out our website at www.golight.com or call our office at 800.557.0098