HAZMAT RESPONDER NETWORK is a training program designed to certify Towing and Recovery Professionals to engage in the practice of cleaning up and disposing of spills related to transportation incidents, however not being limited to traffic accidents.

Hazmat Technician training course satisfies the requirement of OSHA 29 CFR, 1910.120(q). That encompasses the “Awareness through Technician” training requirements of the OSHA standard. Our course will focus on the releases encountered by the towing professional and those participating in the product recovery to include appropriate disposal of spilled material(s). You will be trained to perform all functions of the Hazardous Materials Technician based on the OSHA standard, which includes serving in a given role in the Incident Management System.

Hazmat Technicians are generally those who perform offensive countermeasures (stop and confine) spills of hazardous substances including the ability to perform defensive operations to confine spillsbeyond the point of release.

This Certification is valid for one ( 1 ) year upon completion with HRN offering an eight ( 8 ) hour annual refresher course.

For More Information, contact Perry Beaty at 877-356-9767.

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