Your team will appreciate the calm communication!


Take your team’s skills from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Communicate at whisper levels and perfect your process – up to eight crew can talk simultaneously no shouting necessary. Save time and money – your tows will be faster and safer!

COMSTAR is not voice activated, and there are no transmit buttons or delays. To operate, simply turn the system “ON” and talk. System includes “All-In-One headsets – no beltpakcs needed!

John W. Callaway, owner of First Call Towing & Recovery, Inc., along with employee Erik Cober, are very pleased with the communication headsets purchased from the Eartec company, saying, “We feel they have stepped up our ability to improve safety and save time. We can communicate without even seeing each other at recoveries now. The other day, we were able to coordinate using 2 heavy recovery units along with a safety director without having any type of hand signals or eye contact. We feel these headsets have been an asset to our recovery business and we highly recommend them.”

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Certified for worldwide non-licensed use.