Jerr-Dan Sliding Winch System

The Jerr-Dan Sliding winch is a system that allows the entire recovery winch at the front of a carrier bed to move side to side over most of the bed width in order to load vehicles, as straight as possible, onto the bed. While this innovation is fairly unique to Jerr-Dan in the US market, there is a growing need for operators to use this specialty system as the automotive industry increases production of vehicles with only offset tow-eyes in the front and rear bumpers.

These tow eyes are very popular in European-manufactured cars, as well as most luxury and sports cars. And, this design style is becoming more prevalent on everyday vehicles coming into the market both domestically and internationally.  Tow eyes are designed to sustain a very limited amount of angled pull: both “side to side” and “up and down.” The Jerr-Dan sliding winch system is designed to work within those angles, with a system that contains a winch that moves in its entirety, which helps with self-centering before loading and allows for the winch to float freely during winching.

This innovative design permits an operator to tow without incurring damage to the vehicle. The sliding winch system from Jerr-Dan provides the operator with better control of a damaged vehicle as it is winched onto a carrier bed without the need of additional side pullers or snatch blocks. Without the need for additional equipment, the operator can be more efficient, ideally spending less time on the scene, with less equipment to carry and potentially less fatigue on the job.

Originally created to meet the needs of exotic cars with side pull points, the sliding winch system provides flexibility for operators to tow cars of any design. The Sliding Winch System is currently offered on all new Jerr-Dan Standard-Duty and Medium-Duty Car Carrier models and can be added to your existing Standard- or Medium-Duty Carrier.

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