Lift and Tow – Z-Series


Lift and Tow is a company that has been in the Towing and Recovery market for 15 years.  Company President & Owner Cal Roth stated that safety is the upmost importance and a lot of thought went into making his line of lifts for his towers.

The Z-series is their top-of-the-line lift. What’s so special about the lift and tow system? It is the fastest and most efficient way to get any tow job done. You can literally pick up a car in 36 seconds, and be on your way. Besides its speed and efficiency, the system can be installed on a large variety of vehicles, and is hardly noticeable, so there is no need to purchase a separate tow truck or rollback; just install it right onto your work truck.

The Z-series has upgraded double wall construction. The power boom is equipped with 6 function hydraulics and a wireless remote. It allows you to power up or down while extending or retracting. When retracted, however, the T-bar extends past the bumper 4-10” (depending on your truck model). This unit is fully self -loading and has in-cab controls. Once in place, just lift and go!

Unit comes with straps and wireless remote.

Christopher King of KingSize Enterprises stated, “I brought my first lift package in 2009, from Lift and Tow, and I certainly got my money’s worth. I started my business KingSize Enterprises with a 2003 Chevy 2500 Silverado and the 5 series tow package from Lift and Tow. Almost five years later, I am still impressed with the lift but needed to upgrade to save time and, of course, money. I call the folks at Lift and Tow, and we upgraded my lift to the Z series type. It has been the best decision I’ve made lately for my business! KingSize Enterprise is a small operation here in North Carolina, and we repo about 25 cars a week and tow about 10. In less than a month, my operation has become faster, smoother and less stressful as a result of upgrading to the Z series from Lift and Tow. A good product plus a good price equals a customer for life. Parts and customer service are always the most important factors in forming good customer relationships. My friends at Lift and Tow has met all of my towing lift needs, and I am completely satisfied with my new Z series lift from Lift and Tow.”

For more information on the 3, 5, and Z-Series lifts, give the team a call at Lift and Tow!!

Lift and Tow