MACH1, The App That Works For You: NOW NATIONWIDE!

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio based on-demand roadside assistance app, Mach1 Services, propels ahead with nationwide launch. Mach1 Services offers an on-demand, direct to customers model, where providers can set their own prices without the price haggling or bidding. 

The automated dispatch system locates the closest provider to the customer, and sends the request to them first. There is no call center that coordinates, asking for the lowest bid, or ETA’s. The closest provider can either accept or decline the call. If they decline it, it will go to the next closest provider, and so on, until the call is accepted. 

Once the provider has accepted the call, turn-by-turn navigation begins, taking the provider directly to the customer, without having to run multiple apps. While enroute to the customer, the provider (and customer) can call or text each other using burner numbers, so no one gives out their personal information. Once the provider arrives, they complete the service and proceed with an automated payment process where invoices, payouts, and customer credit information is completed with a touch of one button. 

Mach1’s patent-pending process is changing the way roadside assistance gets done, making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for both customers and providers.

Mach1’s service coverage area has expanded quickly, as providers across the country have signed up to be a part of its network. As customer demand has increased, so has provider interest, leading to exponential growth, and a nationwide launch. Mach1 started the 2021 year with a 26 state coverage area and is able to expand to all 50 states as customers and providers have previously signed up with the veteran owned company. 

To learn more about becoming a Mach1 service provider, please visit or contact the provider support team at 844-511-0002.