Midwest Regional Tow Show

Volume 13 Issue 4 - Industry News - TRAO


This will be a new event for us this year on Thursday evening of the show. (September 12, 2024)

Join us at 5:30 pm at an event to celebrate the lives of Towers who have passed on before us. (Anyone that has passed of natural causes or in the line of duty.) We will have a parade, food, and games to celebrate their lives and the time they invested in our great Industry. We encourage you to participate in this parade with tow trucks leading the way and personal vehicles to follow.

Please make up poster boards or banners with the names of those that you want to remember, and we will parade those names from Robert’s Centre, through the town of Wilmington and back.

I will reach out to the Police, Fire and EMS as well as news media to gain support. Once we get back to the Robert’s Centre, we will have pork, sides, drinks, and games, such as cornhole, etc…. Let’s celebrate these lives with honor!!

We would love to see you there Sept 12th Wilmington, Ohio at the Campground next to Robert’s Centre.