Tow Community Pays Tribute To Keagan Spencer

Volume 13 Issue 4 - Industry News - Tow Community Pays Tribute To Keagan Spencer

Family and friends of 25-year-old Keagan Spencer honored his life Saturday night, filling a parking lot with tow trucks in Hastings, Michigan.

Spencer was killed after he was hit by a car earlier in the day while trying to help a dog running loose on the highway. His vehicle was parked in the median.

Matthew Spencer said his son Keagan was at work and driving his tow truck when he pulled over.

“All he was doing was going to work today, and he’s not going home to his family,” Spencer said.

Family and loved ones said Spencer was a great friend, someone they could always count on.

“It didn’t matter what you needed,” said Blake Garver, a close friend. “What the circumstances were, what the situation was, if you called him. He would drop anything to help anybody.”

Spencer’s father, who owns Legacy Automotive and Towing, said becoming a tow truck driver was always in his son’s future.

“Keagan was a third-generation tower,” Spencer said. “My dad was a tower, myself, and Keagan were in a tow truck from the moment he was born… he just got this in his blood.”

Saturday afternoon, Spencer brought along his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Nora, along for a ride.

“Keagan packed her bag, got her bottles around, had her all set up through that car seat in the in the tow truck and they headed out,” his mother said.

Matt added, “He would always honk his horns. He was big into air horns, you know? I shot him a text. I go, ‘Was that you that just honked?'”

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