NEW Wireless Tow Light Bar –LED Light Bars with external power pack battery

Bright, dependable lighting plays an important role in ensuring both safety and compliance for tow operators.  When it comes to high-quality, reliable lighting solutions, Lite-It Wireless stands out in the market with our innovative LED Light Bars.  In this article, we will highlight new cutting-edge products, designed by Custer Products, that are now available through a network of distributors for purchase. You can find all the wireless light bar information at WWW.CUSTERPRODUCTS.COM



The LITH36 is our 36” wireless light bar with game-changing new technology.  It’s the same great 36” wireless light bar but now comes with an external power pack battery.  The LITH36 is ideal for the individuals looking for powerful, long lasting battery options for extended run times.


The LITH36STR is our 36” wireless light bar with additional strobes and it also is equipped with the same external power pack battery as the LITH36.  The LITH36STR is ideal for the individuals looking for powerful, long-lasting battery options for extended run times with the added safety of the strobes.

LITH48 / LITH60    

LITH48RFS    with flashers

LITH60RFS    with flashers

The larger bars designed for longer hauls or for wide loads, require more lighting and are available with or without extra flashers for added visibility.  The external battery option is also available for 48” and 60” wireless light bars.  The ratchet straps and bungees help secure the light bar during the most rugged tows.

External Battery Power

Lite-It-Wireless introduced a new External Power Pack Battery light bar at the 2023 Tennessee Tow Show.   The 20-volt lithium battery slides into the battery plate externally mounted on the bottom of the light bar, protecting it from moisture.  Once locked in place, and turned on, your bar now has power.  It is easily removed and placed into the battery charger included with the light bar.  The charger plugs into the standard 110v outlet and the battery locks right into the charger.  This external power pack is perfect for towing longer hours without worrying about frequent recharging or having to cord the bar.  You can purchase the Custer Products’ Battery and charger with your light bar OR if you have a DeWalt style or M18 style battery, you can use one you already have.

Convert your Wireless Light Bar to the External Battery Option!

So you want to know, “Can I convert my Wireless light bar with internal batteries to an External Battery option?”  The answer is yes!!  We would be happy to make the conversion for you.  Simply call the office and we can get your bar scheduled for conversion.  Fair cost and great upgrade.  Give us a call for details. Do NOT Attempt to convert your bar by yourself.  You will void the warranty and may ruin your lithium battery.

Tow Light Bar Versatility

For those who already own the M18 or DeWalt style batteries, Lite-It Wireless offers the flexibility to use your existing battery with our lightbar.  There is no need to purchase a light bar with the battery, you can simply order the light bar and save a few dollars.  The transmitter is always included.   When your battery runs low, you can swap it out with a charged battery and continue with the towing service you are providing.

The new external battery pack eliminates the need for changing the batteries from inside the light bar.  You eliminate any interrupted performance and delays.  Having a spare, fully charged battery on board, will make your tow operator very happy.  It is easy to replace a discharged battery and keep on going.

Other Features

Each Wireless light bar is individually programmed with its’ own frequency to prevent any cross-talk with other vehicles, especially in your own fleet.  Registering your wireless light bar will provide us the information we need to honor any warranty work for you.  It is required.

Choose Custer Products’ Lite-It Wireless light bar with the NEW External Battery pack and experience the difference in lighting technology today!  Made in the U.S.A!

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