Collins Hi-Speed® Dolly

6th Generation Self-Loading Dolly


Safety First! Safety RatchetSystem — for Tower Safety — Prevents accidents and provides more options in difficult environments, (like snow, ice, gravel, slopes, tight spaces), when loading.


No expensive replacements or repairs — no cutting,welding or downtime. Replace damaged parts on the spot with common hand tools in just minutes.


Heavy‐duty. Light‐weight. Industry’s lightest‐weight dolly. Weighing only 54 lb. with static load capacity at nearly 80x its own weight (4,280 lb. with 5.70×8 tires).

Collins Carrier Dolly System An innovation borrowed from Collins’ early designs — the Damage‐Free solution to loading Carriers: Rolling instead of dragging up the bed. CLEARANCE High‐Ends and Low Profiles. Carrier Dolly lifts vehicles higher off the ground to easily clear carrier bed with low load angles. DAMAGE‐FREE Damage‐Free Loading. No hooks, chains or cables ever touch the vehicle. Vehicles simply ride the dollies up and down the bed. WIDE‐RANGE Load hybrids, high‐end, electric, all‐wheel or fourwheel drive vehicles with nohook points. The Carrier Dolly System also doubles as a motorcycle dolly.

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