Ranger PatrolWorks with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Ranger is launching major functionality improvements for Relocation/Private Property Impound (PPI).  The new solution advances from manual/visual approaches to include automated LPR detections – primarily aimed at apartment complexes, university lots, and temporary parking lots (e.g., events, hospitals, airports)

The advanced solution changes the game in private property enforcement

– Rather than manual lot surveys looking for vehicles without a valid permit/sticker, the new solution features LPR cameras on a patrol vehicle to quickly identify violations based on license plates 

Property Managers can realize significant benefits 

­ Generation of added revenue

• Violations (based on published parking policies) will trigger both tagging and ticketing/fines

• Selling (on-line) of parking permits – for lease duration and for guests 

Preservation of lot capacity for permit holders

­ Reinforcement of property image standards

• PW-LPR is a complete solution addressing the needs of property managers, permit holders, and you the PMC

– -In-Vehicle LPR System provides the spotter with up-to-date data – “Approved” and “Unapproved” LPs for fast/reliable on-scene detections

– –PW Co-Pilot Mobile App: equips the spotter to take more pictures of LPR “hits”, and to enter other violations that are not permit-based – e.g., vehicles blocking fire lanes

— Portal for Property Managers: provides a tool for approving LPs, entering permits for visitors/contractors, and tracking daily activity

— Portal for Permit Holders: provides a mobile-friendly website for registering their vehicle(s), purchasing permits, viewing violation information (pictures), and paying fines.

— PW-LPR:  is the integrating software for the Parking Management Company, bringing all the pieces together for end-to-end process management.  

The next generation in private property enforcement is being launched.  Are you ready for higher productivity, increased revenue, and improved customer service?

Please call for more information: 440.498.1495