Access Tools, the world’s leading manufacturer of car opening tools, has a remarkable set of products that are designed to aid in a long reach tool car opening. The Air Jack air wedge from Access Tools comes in four different sizes, and is the most popular air wedge available. 

The Air Jack is made out of extremely strong ballistic nylon which provides great durability and holding power. Ballistic nylon is also slippery which allows the air wedge to slide easily over a vehicle’s weather stripping, without any damage to the delicate rubber. To further aid insertion, there is a built in stiffener that prevents the air wedge from bending when you insert it into a vehicles door frame. Never before has there been an air wedge with such a high level of research and development put into its construction and design. Armed with the Mini Starter Air Jack, Standard Air Jack, Super Air Jack, and Twin Air Jack there is no job you will not be able to tackle.  

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