RANGER…FOR FREE? FOREVER? Sounds too good to be true?? Read On

For credit card processing, Ranger has recently integrated features available in some other payment processing platforms directly into the Ranger Tow Management Solution.   The bottom-line-results can offset the costs of using Ranger.   • How it works:  Ranger automatically adds a fee (1 to 4%) to cover your extra costs for administering, securing, and reconciling credit card payments.  The fee is in addition to the amount the customer is charged for the services delivered.  The fee applies only to designated accounts (e.g., cash or call-in customers), and only for credit card payments, whether entered by dispatchers, or by drivers on-scene. • The fine print:  Added fees are “banned” in ten states:  CA, CO, CT, FL, KS, MN, MD, NY, OK, TX.  However, in three states – CA, FL, and TX – their so called “No-Surcharge” laws have been found to be unconstitutional, and the states are enjoined from enforcement.  So for tow companies operating in almost all states, offsetting the extra expense for credit cards could easily cover the monthly investment to use Ranger (Ranger for Free!)

Related News: The Ranger credit card solution is seamlessly integrated with OpenEdge who offers consistently low rates (Interchange Plus).  Readers for EMV/chip cards link to Ranger’s mobile apps – Android and iOS.  (And, manual number entry remains available.)

Please call for more information: 440.498.1495 or visit info.rangersst.com