Staying Ahead

Many tow operations find themselves stuck in an outdated business pattern.  Tow operations should be constantly rebuilding and changing with the times.  We now have so much technology available to us that it allows us to maximize the use of equipment and personnel.

Tow operators have really taken advantage of the “CASH TOW” jobs for years.  These have been revenue streams that most likely were not reported.  You may have practiced this in the past, but cash is not always king. 

Most customers commonly do not carry cash, and if they do, it is not in large amounts.  Most customers want convenience and are willing to pay for it.  This is why convenience stores are located on almost every major intersection. 

I implemented many payment options to test this convenience theory. I set up accounts with Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal.  All of these platforms have different apps that can attach to you bank account for you to be able to make and receive payments.

I trained our dispatch team and drivers to make them knowledgeable of all payment options we offer.  We had handouts printed, regularly post-payment options on all of our social media outlets, and we have all payment options on our website.

We found that many of our customers preferred to pay via a cash exchange platform than with cash or credit card.  Secondly,  it also allowed us to take third party payments in a more secure manner for the customer, the account user, and us.  Many of these platforms make it very difficult to dispute, and this added an additional layer of protection to the Tow Operator.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, these money exchange platforms allowed our drivers and customers to conduct business and practice social distancing.  Our staff never has to handle credit cards or cash. TOWBOOK Management Software also allows our customers to reply by text or emails for signatures or authorization we may have needed when starting or completing a job. We also were able to provide an invoice via text or email on the spot.

I recommend you explore the many cash exchange platform options.  Make sure you set up with the most commonly used apps to gain the best results.  The use of towing management software can also help. Convenience and customer service is what will set you apart from your competition.   

Mark Denson
On Site Towing