Research, Development, and Growth Dynamic Towing Equipment & Manufacturing

Dynamic Towing Equipment & Manufacturing president, Anthony Gentile, recognizes that a high level of investment in research and development is essential for sustainable business growth. He said, “Our market is a competitive one, and it is important that we continue to listen to our customers and fulfill their needs by producing products that make their jobs easier and more efficient.”
Dynamic service truck
When designing and developing Dynamic’s SV100 Service Truck, Gentile and his staff spoke with numerous auto club owners and employees, repair shop owners, municipal members, and highway assistant employees, asking, “What would make the ideal service vehicle?”

Gentile’s engineers took the information gathered and worked long hours, day and night to achieve designs that would accommodate needs for “the perfect road service vehicle.” The result was a very versatile service vehicle that contained not
only storage for batteries, floor jacks and emergency repair equipment, but is also equipped with an optional Dynamic “Stealth” wheel lift. When a call is received, the dispatcher just needs to dispatch one truck and one driver, saving fuel, manpower, response time, and less equipment in a company’s fleet. If the driver is unable to repair on the scene, the driver is able to self-load the vehicle on the optional “Stealth” wheel lift and tow the vehicle into the shop for proper repair.
dynamic service truck 3
The key to achieving their goals for growth at Dynamic is an open innovation strategy that enables their staff to listen to market needs, research and develop efficient practices, and collectively work together to introduce new and exciting products and increase competitiveness.

Gentile said, “We are proud of our new and improved SV100 Service Truck. It was built with our end-users in mind. We just took their suggestions and developed an affordable truck that would fulfill their needs, as well as last a lifetime. That’s the
Dynamic way, to build equipment that’ll last. We have a number of projects in the works, so keep an eye out for new equipment to be introduced in the near future!” For questions or inquiries on Dynamic’s SV100 Service Vehicle, contact Dynamic Sales at (800) 831-9299 or contact a distributor near you.