SDMO Gear Launches New Site for Products

SDMO Gear, LLC announced today the initial launch of its new online store offering fresh designs in Slow Down Move Over branded items to consumers.  The business is about raising awareness of the issue from the inside of a for-profit business model while being tasteful and respectful of those professionals in the industries most impacted by the public’s lack of awareness or concern for those in harm’s way.  SDMO Gear also plans to help the families of those who tragedy befalls by supporting the non-profits who are dedicated to specific groups whose constituency is on the roadside taking the risks every day as they pursue their careers.

The company has chosen to focus on numerous public safety disciplines and to identify some specific groups who are highly impacted by the lack of compliance with the existing Slow Down Move Over laws in all 50 states.  Primary responders like Police, Fire, Towing, and EMS were the most obvious choices due to the on-demand nature of their response and the additional dangers of being on the roadside in situations where your presence is unplanned.  Additionally, SDMO Gear has specifically called out the Mobile Mechanic role, Road Construction workers, and Flaggers, all of whom face many different types of situations and deal with the same driving public as the others.  There are certainly more to be recognized but SDMO Gear is also working to setup the relationships with the best organizations offering support to the various groups.

Simply put, SDMO Gear aims to raise awareness, save lives, make money, and support those left behind when tragedy strikes.

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