The Heart of the Jump Starter

The battery is the most important contributor to jump starter performance. It impacts everything from the jump starter’s maximum boosting capacity, the number of jumps that can be performed per charge, the amount of time that the jump starter can sit between charges, its ability to withstand abuse and the overall service life of the unit.

ES Series (Booster PAC) and Clore PROFORMER (Jump-N-Carry) batteries are specifically developed to perform vehicle jump starting applications. They are designed to deliver exceptional power in a quick, concentrated burst. Numerous factors contribute to the power derived from the battery, including the number of lead plates contained, the physical composition of those lead plates, the specific construction of the battery cells, the purity of the electrolyte solution and more.

Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry jump starter batteries utilize a high quantity of thin lead plates to increase
total lead plate surface area, which increases the power of the battery. In addition, their plates contain few impurities, which can sap power and accelerate depletion of the jump starter between charges. Their battery cell construction features enhanced structure to better flow the power through the battery to the vehicle. The electrolytic paste in the batteries is a high quality composition that enables more efficient recombination for better discharging (jump starting) and recharging. All of these enhancements serve a single purpose: deliver the power you need, even in extreme conditions, over and over again.