Tow Boy – Service providers are taking back the towing industry

As a towing professional for over 10 years, my team has done our due diligence of traveling an extensive number of miles to support our customers.  Often, we are accepting service calls from a third-party provider, receiving a much lower rate than the business can sustain in the long-term, and interacting with customers that are not satisfied with the time it takes to get quality roadside service.  

The global roadside assistance market has been eager for improvement for years.  So as an entrepreneur I wanted to bridge that gap.  The digital transformation continues with a mobile application solution that focuses on real-time transactions between the customer and service provider and eliminates the need for a third-party provider.  

Tow Boy is a self-service mobile application that allows for direct contact between the customer and the towing professional with no third-party intervention.  The customer will see the services offered, the rate they will pay, be able to take pictures of the current state of their vehicle, and see drivers that are in their area to choose from.  The towing professional will see what is wrong with the vehicle, accept the job, and give the customer a live GPS view once they are en route, with an accurate ETA.  The service provider will take photos of vehicles at pick-up and drop-off to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Tow Boy application is currently in development and planned for release in the summer of 2021.  

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