“Tow Boy – Service providers are taking back the towing industry”

We have been hearing for years that the global towing and roadside assistance market is undergoing a transformation to the digital age.

As a towing professional that has been in the towing industry for nearly a decade, I am here to share that the transformation continues, with a mobile solution that focuses on customer service excellence.  The solution is a self-service mobile application similar to Uber or Amazon with direct contact between the customer and the towing professional with no third-party intervention.  This new solution is currently in development and planned for release in the summer of 2021.

“Tow Boy – Service providers are taking back the towing industry”

Customers will be able to:

• Select from a menu of services.

• Take pictures of their vehicle to share with the service provider.

• Select from drivers in their immediate area to expedite service.

• Track the driver in real-time throughout the completion of the job.

Service providers will:

• Be certified prior to being added to the application.

• Dedicated to providing excellent service while “Active” in the application.

• Receive a reasonable rate for services (not sharing a large percentage of the rate with a third-party provider).