Tracker Management Systems, Inc.

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Tracker Management Systems, Inc., was founded in 1987 by James M. Weaver, who is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and majority shareholder. The company has provided business management systems expressly designed for towing operations.

Brad McIntosh of Sandy’s Towing stated, “We have used Tracker for many years now, and it really does a great job of helping us run our company. The dispatch functions are very useful and efficient. The report options truly give you a detailed look at every segment of your business. We recently made the switch to Tracker Touch for our dispatch operation. This is one of the smartest decisions that we have ever made. This system does all of the thinking for you and makes your call coverage as efficient as possible. The tracking and reporting capabilities have put our drivers on notice and has helped us make
sure our trucks are only running when authorized. The speeding reports, idling reports, etc. give you every possible piece of information that you could ever need to increase efficiency. This system is definitely the future of the towing industry.” -Sandy’s Towing, Mason, OH: 85 Trucks.
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Just because we have developed and support the best systems for towers doesn’t mean we’re satisfied. We are constantly looking for ways to add new capabilities to our existing systems. We also are developing new applications to run alongside our core products for tow dispatch and management. Our customers can and do expect the best ideas from us. We pledge to keep striving to make our solutions the best available.

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