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Winter is coming, and we all know that means JUMP START SEASON. Worldwide Equipment Sales knows your pain, and we have a powerful yet small answer to avoid lugging around that huge jump pack or dragging out those tangled cables just to add that extra boost your customer’s car needs to fire up. The POCKET JUMP STARTER is a super small yet powerful booster pack with 200 cold cranking amps, a USB port to charge your phone or computer on the road, along with a supplied cable with multiple ends to fit most uses. It also includes a short jumper cable set to help start vehicles, utv, snow machines, etc. The POCKET JUMP STARTER will fit in you glove box and it Lithium-ion battery technology will hold a chargefor a very long time and includes a nice flashlight feature to make this an all-in-one answer to nighttime jump starts. Worldwide Equipment Sales encourages you to check these items out as a major time and space saver. Visit or call 815-725-4400 for the POCKET JUMP PACK and thousands of other parts and accessories.