Triple K True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach

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The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach is a heavy duty under lift that has the most extension, most retraction, more lift and the most lifting capacity of any lift on the market. It has a lift rating of 45,000 pounds retracted and 24,000 fully extended. It has a clear extension of 140” to the center
of the axle forks and nearly 160” to the center of the Heavy Duty Wheel forks when used. The unit will tilt the full rated load in the given positions.

The hydraulic hoses are all “hidden” in the unit, encased in a nylon tracking chain to keep them in place free from wear and tear. Our crossbar is made of a one piece solid steel casting made of 100,000 pound steel. The tongue it rotates in is also one piece cast steel (100,000 pound steel).

We have standard wireless radio built into the unit. The radio is a standard feature with a 6 function controller, which will control the lift for up-down; in-out; and tilt up-tilt down operation.

Our unit pricing includes either an electric/hydraulic pump or a valve pac to tie into your truck’s PTO pump; the 6 function wireless radio control plus a 25’ hard wired remote control; 4 sets of axle frame forks; the parking stands; and all necessary hardware to mount to a road tractor.

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