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Zip’s Lift Assist Dolly Mount

You often work alone. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help with your light-duty wrecker operation. Introducing the all-new Zip’s Lift Assist Dolly Mount, now available at Bolted to each side of the deck, this articulating arm uses a combination of shocks and springs to lower tow dollies to a comfortable working height. The storage mount works with 4.80 and 5.70 wheel sizes on both In The Ditch and Collins tow dollies. Save your back. Let this new unloader do the heavy lifting. Order Item #ZP-DM-SL at today.

Ken-Tool Dual Wheel Separator


Rust is steel’s worst enemy, especially when it comes to dual steel wheels on a truck, bus, or trailer. If you come across a set of duals that has seized together, Ken-Tool has the separator tool to get them apart. Heat-treated for strength and durability, this innovative one-piece pusher is ball bearing-driven for near-zero turning resistance. This powerful tool works with any impact wrench and features a beefy 1-1/8″ diameter x 11 threads. Each kit includes two pullers and a hard-sided case for storage and handling. Components are corrosion-resistant and laser-etched for easy identification. Order Item # KT-34549 at

UltraTech Ultra-Spill Diaper

Vehicle leaks at accident scenes can’t be ignored in your line of work. Make sure you have a spill response plan in place to mitigate any further environmental impact. The Ultra-Spill Diaper from Ultratech is a great place to start. Folded down to roughly 12” x 18”, this three-layer blanket is compact enough to fit in the cab of your wrecker and provides nearly 35 square feet of coverage when opened. The absorbent material can soak up to eight gallons of fluid, and the outer 4 ml plastic barrier prevents any contaminants from leaching through the bottom. Shop Item # UT-0275.

RimSling Synthetic Winch Lines

RimSling has recently expanded its product offering to include synthetic winch line for light-duty wreckers and car carriers. Strength-tested and field-proven, this black, braided rope is made from 12 strands of high-strength HMPE fibers, making it just as strong as steel cable. Like all RimSling products, this new winch line is lightweight, safer to use and easier to handle. Offering excellent abrasion resistance, its coated fibers won’t scratch or fray, and its low-stretch properties won’t cause a loss in towing power. This new rope is available in three sizes and lengths to 150’. Upgrade today at Item # RIMSLING-WINCHLINE.

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