Towers Just Do

Have you noticed that TOWERS JUST DO? They don’t find excuses.

They get a call to move something no one else can do and it doesn’t matter. They just do it. Haven’t done it yet? Doesn’t matter. They just figure it out. It’s extremely difficult. Doesn’t matter. They just get it done. Someone else tried and made it worse. Doesn’t matter. They just figure out a better way. Towers just do.

TGIF??? Right….

Anyone else dread the weekends? I mean, I enjoy not having to get out of my pjs and go into work right away in the morning. Who doesn’t?

But let’s be real here, TGIF doesn’t mean the same to us in the towing industry as it does to just about everyone else. Am I right? While everyone else is making plans or not worrying about a single thing except what they plan to do, we are worrying about who is on call, who is answering phones, what is happening on the roads, and whether there is cell phone coverage where we will be. If a recovery comes in, it’s all hands on deck whether you are on call or not. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I just don’t want to do something, and it comes in very handy to have the “I’m working” excuse. You, too? I know, right! I always wonder if the person on the other end of the phone knows I’m on the toilet or in the shower when they call……Don’t roll your eyes. I can’t be the only one. It is just so second nature to answer that phone that it doesn’t matter what is happening at that moment. Towers just do….


How many times have you been ready to leave, and the phone rings and everything changes? You can already feel the disappointment in your family or friends before you even look at them. While it teaches great adaptive skills, it still can break your heart and disappoint people. How about if someone calls in sick? Even with the best employees; it will happen. Someone must do it, right? And, it almost always falls on you to do it! Even if that isn’t exactly true, it sure feels like it. It doesn’t matter if you had plans or even if you are sick. You always step up and do it.

Towers just do.


Do you remember the days of no cell phones? That was when call forwarding and an off-premise extension were your best friends. I remember family events when you would have to drive separately to switch the phones to a different landline. One would leave ahead to get there and take any calls while another one would leave early to disconnect the forwarding so the other could leave. Then came cell phones…… wow!

Can you say FREEDOM??? Until it wasn’t. You weren’t stuck to a landline anymore but boy anyone at any time could reach you. Anyone else wish we could go back before cell phones? Technology is a blessing and a curse. Today, it feels like you can’t ever unplug–the curse. However, being able to travel and attend events while still taking care of business–the blessing! We can’t be fully present and are usually distracted by phone calls. And those phone calls only come at the most inopportune times.

Doesn’t matter though. Towers just do….


What makes towers do what they do? Are they born this way or trained this way? Maybe a little of both? Towers are a special kind of person.

Wouldn’t you agree? They are strong, brave, street smart and maybe just a bit crazy too. You either love towing, or you hate it. There is no in between. These heroes don’t wear capes; they wear reflective uniforms.

They will get out of a warm bed and leave their families to take care of a stranded motorist in the coldest of weather, in the middle of the night. They will climb in ditches with vehicles screaming past over 70 miles an hour to rescue a driver. They will miss family time to save another family from being stuck on the side of the road that broke down. They have been known to miss a meal or two and even a family function or two. It matters this time, but Towers still do…..


I have multiple ways to break all this down and give you some great mentorship but that wasn’t what this article was about. These highway heroes deserve the respect and admiration of the jobs they do every single day. It is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. They are sacrificing on many different levels and yet they get up every day and just do.