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Goodall Start All Jump Pack

Are you one of many truck service providers looking for a portable jump pack that can start dead Class 8 trucks? We have the only true solution for you! This proven 10,000-amp jump pack breathes new life into dead battery systems with an industry-leading Goodall Start All Jump Pack from Zip’s AW Direct. Encased in a rugged plastic shell, this 10,000-amp portable unit features large metal clamps with 1/0 gauge jumper cables. Fully charged, the pack delivers an impressive 133,200 joules of energy in just five seconds to instantly start Class 8 diesel engines up to 16L. For jump starting large construction or agriculture type equipment, then you’ll need the 24V version to get the job done with up to 166,500 joules of output! With a flip of a switch you can toggle from 12V to 24V with just one jump pack! Both of these packs offer protection against reverse polarity, low voltage and short circuit for complete peace of mind, convenience and reliability. We even use them in our shop! Order yours today at Item #: JP-12-10000 and JP-12-24 for the 24V capability.

Collins G7 Hi-Speed Dollies

Whether it’s in town or the interstate, Collins G7 Hi-Speed Dollies can go the distance. The only dollies capable of interstate travel, the Collins brand is made to hold up. These durable dollies have no limit to towing distance. Plus, with the positive camber, the car will stay steady even over bumpy roads. Not to mention, it’s very lightweight, allowing it to be carried and set up quickly and without difficulty. So, pick yours up at Item #: CD-G7-H

RimSling Spliced Eye Synthetic Recovery Slings

RimSling Spliced Eye Synthetic Recovery Slings live up to their name every day. They are thin enough to fit through the holes on a truck rim yet strong enough to finish the recovery. Each sling features braided plasma fibers with an additional braided guard wrapped around the center portion of the sling guard for extreme durability and flexibility. Six-inch woven eyes at each end of the sling create strong lashing points, and a full-length Cordura sleeve protects against cuts and abrasions. With Working Load Limits to 10,960 lbs., these slings are approved for overhead lifting and are available in 11 colors, four diameters and lengths to 20 feet. Order yours at Item #: RIMSLING-ROPE.

Akron Mounts Slim – Grip Ultra Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount

ARKON Mounts has endeavored to provide mounts for a wide variety of different mobile devices and technology. Making life on the road a little easier, ARKON Mounts offers a mount for just about any screen you can think of. Whether it’s keeping your phone, tablet, or electronic log device hands-free with your eyes on the road, these durable and flexible mounts will make your driver seat or cab feel like an office. Now available at, ARKON Mounts will always keep your devices safe and within reach. Item#: RM6AMPS2T