The Current Status of Towing Insurance

We have seen the current market for towing insurance just go crazy. Even if you don’t have any claims, the increase in premiums is at least 44%. What can be done?

The answer is simple: “take the bull by the horns” and get away from standard carriers by looking into a captive insurance program.

A captive insurer is generally defined as an insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by its insureds. Its primary purpose is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive’s underwriting profits.  Underwriting profits can be generated by reduced claims and investments.

Zellner Insurance Agency has teamed up with a Managing General Agency that has experience in setting programs up for specific industries that were experiencing premium increases.  The results have been tremendous! Claims have been reduced because they are either settled for less money or not initiated at all, members received dividends, and safety increased.

We anticipate that initial insurance premiums will be better than what we are seeing now, but the real benefit is in years two and three. To participate, the members will make an initial investment and pay their premium. The amount of the initial premium will be determined by the data we collect showing current claims as well as premium size for each member. The investment can be paid in full or over time.

The key to the success of this captive relies on you implementing the safety requirements that have been proven to work. For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to have a claim be denied or made to go away for a nominal cost instead of the large payouts you have experienced? 

I can forward you links that will explain a captive in more detail, as well as videos that were used to stop a claim dead in its tracks.  We are interviewing companies now and would like to speak with you if you think this will fit your needs. This is an investment in the future of your business and the industry as a whole. Please contact Jeff Spadafora at Zellner Insurance Agency at 904-626-9522 or email