Urgently-Affiliated Tow Professionals Help Drive Smarter, Safer Roadside Assistance

Roadside safety is top of mind as more Americans choose road-tripping as an alternative to other forms of travel in 2020. A recent survey by global mobility and roadside assistance platform Urgently reveals 84.5% of consumers consider safety “very” to “extremely” important related to roadside assistance.

This is why Urgently is committed to powering proactive mobility and roadside assistance for a smarter, safer roadside experience. The Urgently platform intelligently connects motorists in need with the nearest available and qualified service providers.

Urgently demonstrates its commitment to safety in a number of ways – from donations to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum’s Survivors Fund, to sending out local weather alerts, to delivering greater transparency throughout the roadside experience. The use of mobile technologies, innovative processes, and business standards are important aspects of Urgently’s commitment to safety and transparency.  

In addition, Urgently requires service providers to maintain standards that set them apart: things like a minimum level of insurance, experience, customer ratings, branded uniforms and vehicles, background checks, service technician photos and information shared with motorists in advance.  These standards have resulted in a highly qualified service provider network. And it’s because of this network that Urgently has been able to partner with premium global automotive, insurance, telematics and transportation technology brands.

From the beginning, the Service Providers in Urgently’s network – some 80,000 digitally connected and accountable service providers nationwide – have been vital to Urgently’s success. Urgently has built this network by treating service providers as partners, driving network loyalty and superior service quality to help grow their business and increase efficiency. By treating service providers as true partners, Urgently has created a high-performing, technology-savvy and responsive network for servicing today’s needs, while ensuring service capability for the future. 

Service providers also benefit from being part of the Urgently network. Urgently supports the network with tools and training to help service providers adapt to changes in the mobility market and take advantage of opportunities to grow their business. In a recent survey of service providers, Service partners that are embracing new technology like Urgently are experiencing above average growth. Urgently also ranked at the top for providing the best overall experience for service providers, for proximity to jobs, dispatch portal, payment process, technology and support. Urgently was also identified as the roadside assistance brand service providers would most likely recommend to a friend or colleague. 

Global automotive and new mobility companies are increasingly designing and marketing more transportation options with varying tasks, sizes and complexity – from electric and autonomous vehicles, to micro-mobility options, drones, robotic delivery and more. For this reason, Urgently has built its service provider network with the future in mind. Its network consists of roadside assistance and towing professionals whose business goals and practices align with the expanding future of the mobility ecosystem. 

Urgently will continue to build its service provider network to support the expanding mobility assistance market, and welcomes towing professionals that share the company’s commitment to ensuring a smarter, safer roadside experience.  

Towing professionals can learn more about Urgently and how to join its service provider network by visiting the company’s website or by emailing towsupport@urgent.ly.