Mach1 is not a motorclub, at least not in the traditional sense of bidding wars and ETA’s. Mach1 is different because it puts the power in your hands. Mach1 customers order service direct, not from insurance companies or other motorclubs. This means, you actually determine the final price to the customer. There is a price window estimate that the customer sees, and our software lets you adjust the price within that window and even add additional fees if needed. 

There is no bidding wars or ETA competition, the Mach1 dispatching system finds the closest provider to the customer and sends that provider the request first. It is all done automatically through the system, and there is no call center deciding who the call will go to. The first provider can either accept or decline the call, and if they decline it will go to the next closest provider, and so on, until the call is accepted.  

There is no need to provide your business hours. Providers simply mark themselves available or unavailable if they are done for the day.   

Once the provider has accepted the call, turn-by-turn navigation begins, taking the provider directly to the customer, without having to run multiple apps. While enroute to the customer, the provider (and customer) can call or text each other using burner numbers, so no one gives out their personal information. 

When on-scene the provider marks themself as arrived and takes care of the customer. Next, the provider checks out and adjusts the price within the window and adds any pre-negotiated fees with the customer.  

The customer signs the providers device and then the money is transferred automatically from the customer to the providers payment account every 24 hours (48 rolling). An invoice is created automatically as well so there is zero paperwork.  

Then providers can leave service call notes that get stored in Mach1’s system, and the customer rates the provider. After the call is complete, the provider becomes available to our dispatching system for future calls. 

 Providers are loving the way we give them the flexibility to make more money. It’s the streamlined and automated processes that have really helped to make them be more efficient and give them more time as well. We’ve literally had providers tell us they will gladly get out of bed to help Mach1 customers because they can make twice as much money. 

“As a small business owner having a user friendly program for bringing in customers is extremely important. After trying multiple platforms I came across Mach 1. It was extremely helpful with everything from bringing in customers, billing and even dispatching. With other platforms when I have a question customer service may take days to reply. Not Mach 1,  A customers service rep was on the line with an answer within minutes. Overall an amazing experience!” –Jordan 

We’re a hard working, veteran owned company, trying to change the industry for your good. If all this sounds good to you, don’t wait to get started! We are onboarding providers across the U.S. and are opening new cities quickly. 

As you can see in this county map, we currently cover certain markets from Texas over to Florida, up to Maine, and over to Minnesota. Even if you don’t see your area highlighted, there has never been a better time to begin your application. Now is the time to get started with Mach1! 

To create your account, please visit Mach1 providers have the flexibility to sign up for the services they wish to offer. Currently there are eight different services available to Mach1 customers. Providers will complete their signup with a background check, insurance COI and payment method. Once they become active they’ll be able to sign into the app and mark themselves available. 

Our motto is “People Helping People,” and we’re here to support you, just as you support our customers. If you need to reach out to us for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us. Toll Free (844) 511-0002 or . We look forward to working with you and safe travels!