Safety Vision – The System That Protects You and Your Investment

The System That Protects You and Your Investment

Every day there is a growing number of risks associated with working in the tow and recovery industry. In fact, according to AAA, a tow driver is killed on the job every other week. Whether you are the driver or the business owner, the dangers are always present: lawsuits, accidents, and injuries await but with the proper surveillance system, you won’t be defenseless against these incidents.

Safety Vision is your dedicated mobile video surveillance company with over 27 years of experience. With products ranging from cameras to recorders, they are invested in offering simplified systems that increase awareness, improve vehicle visibility, and offer indisputable evidence to combat false claims. Though they are surveillance-centered in nature, the root of what they do is to offer mobile video products that protect your investment and safeguards personnel.

With the system outlined below, your tow vehicle and Safety Vision will work together to create a stable foundation for protecting your ROI and operator.


Interior: 41AHD Camera

With the 41AHD interior cameras, you can enforce top-tier driving practices and strengthen personnel trainings. In-cab cameras offer a great way to understand the driving habits of personnel: know when they hard-break, turn without a signal, or how they interact with clients and utilize those moments captured to improve operational efficiency and enhance safety. These recordings can be used to critique adverse behaviors, reward favorable ones, and improve personnel trainings by turning the recordings into first-hand account videos on what to do and what not to do.

Exterior: 630HD Camera

Exterior cameras are the best tool for combating false claims when an accusation arises or a driver is injured on the job. The cameras offer HD resolution no matter the time of day and provide over three lanes of view equipping you with the dependable video evidence you need to capture the events that took place. These cameras are proven to reduce insurance costs as companies know you are protected against claims: there won’t be any discussion as to “what happened” when the irrefutable evidence lies in the recorded video.


CP4 Monitor

Accompanying you in the cab is the CP4 Monitor which acts like a second pair of eyes – giving you 360-degree views around your vehicle. With multiple split-screen views, you can see the cameras you need to maximize vehicle visibility and eliminate blind spots. With the integrated panic button, you can automatically create critical events in the software whenever an accident or incident takes place. Comprehensive vehicle awareness is achieved with the in-cab monitor.


Foresight Pro: Video Management Software (VMS)

Foresight Pro is Safety Vision’s simplistic video management system that empowers you to understand your business better and have the investigative tools needed. Using vehicle metadata that is synchronized to video, you can analyze your operations to improve productivity and receive vehicle health reports. With the live-view capability you can advance response times when an operator requests further assistance or in case of an incident.



Observer 4000 HVR Recorder

At the root of the surveillance system is the cost-effective Observer 4000 HVR Recorder. The compact and durable hardware works for you by gathering vehicle metadata and recording up to 5 cameras at once. You can customize the system to cater to your needs with 8 dynamic sensor inputs that collect the information you want to see: automatically create video clips when the panic button is pressed, when the vehicle breaks, uses a turn signal, turns on hazards, and more. With this tailored-to-you hardware, you have the reliability you require.

A tow surveillance system is necessary in the same way house security cameras are–they aren’t there to track those inside, but to protect and have defenses against outside forces. Safety Vision’s solutions are created to safeguard you and your investment by maximizing vehicle visibility, empowering you to understand your business behaviors and improve productivity, and equip you with indisputable evidence to combat accusations – all at a budget-friendly price. There’s no need to worry about technology advances and product replacements as Safety Vision consistently updates firmware, which ensures your systems are up-to-date and compatible with the future.

The consistency in Safety Vision’s enhancements showcases their dedication to clients in the industry. From install to troubleshooting, the team is there for you every step of the way to make sure your products not only function properly but at their maximum capabilities. In the industry, a one-time accusation or incident can quickly cost you everything – so Safety Vision’s solutions are there to prevent that loss and protect your livelihood.

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