Tru-Hitch™ solves challenges with heavy duty towing

While a heavy duty rotator handles accident recovery, the Tru-Hitchexcels in its transporting ability of heavy trucks.  A Tru-Hitch™ working in conjunction with your existing heavy duty rotator can give you the best overall capability and cost savings.

A Tru-Hitch™ on a 16K tractor can lift up to 32,000 lbs. and can tow up to a gross combined weight rating of 140,000 lbs.  In addition it:

  • Does not overload drive axles
  • Needs no special tractors or modifications
  • Does not create a lightened or unsafe steering axle
  • Does not cause uneven braking
  • Does not cause pinch points in sharp turns
  • Is safer and more efficient on long distance tows
  • Has a lower operating cost

The Tru-Hitch™ is the perfect complement to your towing operation fleet and will give you full capability for heavy duty transporting and recovery.  Visit for more information or call 1-800-450-8659 or 860-379-7772 to order your Tru-Hitch™ today.