Zacklift International builds 25K “plus” rotator for military contractor

Zacklift has been manufacturing heavy duty towing equipment for nearly 40 years, so when a large military contactor called them looking for a heavy-duty, high value, low maintenance unit Zacklift was excited to take on their project.  Zacklift has worked with military contractors in the past but this contractor was looking for a rotator and under lift that would hold up to the harsh African environment and perform flawlessly in an active war zone.  In addition to durability, the rotator was required to lift a fully armored personnel carrier (shown here) with an approximate weight of 25,000 lbs.  During testing the Zacklift rotator performed above expectations and lifted the 25,000 lbs. with the boom fully extended.

The customer had a tight time frame and needed completed units in less than 12 months.  The Zacklift engineering stepped into action immediately and completed the design in 4 months.  A first article was built and tested with no major issues.  The Zacklift production team built 5 complete units over 8 months including all design, prototype, and testing.

In the end, Zacklift’s customer was very happy with the overall customer service and was impressed with design and final product performed.  If you have any questions regarding Zacklift products visit or call 509-674-4426.