Beacon Software Proves Commitment to Security with SOC 2 Certification

Security is Beacon’s #1 Priority- And it Shows

Plenty of companies say that data security is their top priority, but few can prove their commitment to protecting customer information. That’s where Beacon Software stands apart from its competitors. When we tell you that your data security is our main focus, we prove this commitment to your security with our “SOC 2 Certification.” This certification makes us one of the few dispatch software companies compliant with the American Institute of CPAs’ criteria for secure, reliable software providers. In short, your data is safer with Beacon Software than any other dispatch software provider. Here is how:

What is SOC 2?

Simply put, SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that measures a software provider’s ability to keep your data secure. To earn a SOC 2 Certification, experienced auditors determined that Beacon Software complies with the AICPA standard of security criteria: The “Five Trust Principles” – Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy. (See chart)

How The 5 Trust Principles Relate to Your Business

The 5 Trust Principles are a good security measurement for any business, including towing and roadside assistance companies.

  1. Security – Beacon Software security is like storing your fleet of trucks inside of Fort Knox. Unless the access is verified, no one is getting in and no information is coming out.
  2. Availability – Towers know how important it is to be available 24/7. How else would a motorist, stranded on the highway at 3 in the morning, get back home? Beacon takes their responsibility to towing and roadside assistance companies seriously, and so emergency representatives are available to assist in the event of a complication.
  3. Processing Integrity – As emergency responders, towers need to work fast and get the job done right the first time. Beacon Software processes your information quickly and accurately to get you on the road as fast as possible.
  4. Confidentiality – As a tower, you are constantly communicating customer information over multiple devices. If your customer information is compromised by unsafe software, the breach can result in a serious financial burden or, at the very least, a serious waste of time. With Beacon, you can trust that your data is safe and secure in an easy-to-use database.
  5. Privacy – It’s always easier to do a job without someone looking over your shoulder. Beacon Software treats your information with discretion. We retain, disclose, and destroy information in accordance with our privacy notice.

Rudy Smith, co-owner of Rudy Smith Towing and Recovery, has seen a lot of towing companies suffer after using software that did not take data security seriously. “Rudy Smith Towing has been around for over 100 years now, and I truly attribute that success to being careful with whom we share our confidential information.” Companies susceptible to software attacks run the risk of losing valuable information, which puts their customers in a vulnerable position. “I may be biased, but I would only trust a software provider that has done everything in their power to keep their software bulletproof.”

Companies Without a SOC 2 Certification

Software providers who are not SOC 2 compliant are a potential risk to your assets. Either the company does not believe it needs to stay up-to-date with industry security updates or it was unable to meet the AICPA requirements. When shopping for software, always make sure to ask if they are SOC 2 compliant! To learn more about SOC 2 specifications, visit the AICPA website.

Dispatch Anywhere Has the Industry’s Newest Features

Beacon Software’s flagship product, Dispatch Anywhere, is recognized by its role revolutionizing dispatch software around the world. It introduced the following features to the towing and roadside assistance industry:

  • Data Security/Privacy
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • GPS Integration
  • Multi-Division Management
  • Mobile Credit Card Integration
  • Automated Motor Club Billing
  • Impound Management
  • Mobile Applications

These features are designed to keep your information secure, while boosting your company’s productivity. We’re transparent about our latest updates and give our customers all the information they need to understand each new feature. Visit our Help Desk for all the latest tutorials and information!

Dispatch Anywhere and TowMagic Have New Features and Updates

  • Online Service Requests – Receive online service requests through your company website or by sharing a link with your customers!
  • Square Credit Card Processing – Office personnel and drivers can take payments using a computer or Square reader attached to their mobile device!
  • Integrated with Gerber – Now welcoming Gerber as a new, integrated digital partner!
  • Job Reminders Every 20 Seconds – A call is waiting for your interaction! This TowMagic tool goes off every 20 seconds until the job status has been updated.
  • Driver Mode/User – Drivers have a unique log-in and are only able to view calls assigned to them!

The Beacon Blog is Live!

Beacon recently updated the Beacon Blog to better connect with our customers. Visit our website to read up on industry news and learn more about recent software updates, events, and YouTube tutorial announcements.

Ready to Make the Switch? Our Expert Team is Here to Help!

Whether you are considering switching to a new software provider or you are trying dispatch software for the first time, making the big change can seem daunting. Thankfully, Beacon Software makes the transition easy! Our expert team is trained to guide you through the process of integrating our software into your daily routine.

Are you curious if Beacon Software is right for you? Try our “Help Me Choose” quiz! By answering a few, quick questions to determine which software is right for your specific needs, we can get you started on the road to advanced, modern and bulletproof dispatch software. You’ll see why our customers say that Beacon Software is the best decision they ever made for their business.