In today’s highly competitive market, the never ending battle to improve performance has owners and managers always looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. Never before have businesses been challenged to operate as efficiently as they are in today’s environment.

Towing software, in particular cloud-based towing software, is a tool that’s making a big difference for companies looking to gain an edge. Cloud-based software is software that’s hosted, managed and supported by the company that makes the software. You never have to worry about backing up data, worrying about what machine your data is stored on, or having computers in your office upgraded.

The truth is, you can’t be in the office all the time. With cloud-based software, you and your team have access to your system anywhere you have internet service, including on your smart phones. That means you’re always connected, making it much easier to manage your operation while you’re on the move.

Software that features mobile apps for managers, dispatchers and drivers is critical. When jobs from customers are sent right to your smart phone, and you can dispatch that call to a driver from anywhere, giving you a lot more flexibility.

Towing software becomes more powerful when combined with GPS technology that helps manage the utilization of your equipment. The investment you make in trucks and equipment is simply massive, and increasing your ability to track and manage that equipment is essential.

Towbook is the unquestioned leader in cloud-based towing software. Our team at Towbook has been hard at work adding new features and updating the software to meet the needs of our customers. A few of the key features Towbook offers are listed below.

Mobile Apps. Towbook’s mobile apps make it simple for managers and dispatchers to receive calls on their phone, dispatch calls to drivers and monitor operations. You can send calls to your drivers and they can take photos that get added to the call automatically. They can use the plate to VIN feature, get a signature from the customer on the phone and even email or text a receipt.

Motor Club Digital Dispatching. Towbook’s family of Digital Dispatching partners continues to grow – with more on the way soon. Digital dispatching allows you to receive jobs directly from the motor club inside Towbook. New calls appear in Towbook and you simply add an ETA and select Accept or Reject – no phone call is required.

GPS Integration. Towbook is also integrated with leading GPS companies like TomTom, allowing you to send calls directly to the GPS unit in your truck. Drivers can use the GPS unit to navigate to the service location, and when they update the status of the call on the GPs unit it will automatically update their status in Towbook. Your Towbook app can also use the GPS location from your trucks and display that on a map in Towbook. There are many other fantastic features of GPS units that help you manage and maintain your fleet. Our list of GPS partners is growing fast as they work to provide a seamless system for customers.

Plate to VIN. Towbook’s plate to VIN feature is a great way to save time and eliminate mistakes. Simply key in a plate number and the state and Towbook will return the full VIN, plus the make model and year of thevehicle.

Automatic Mileage Calculation. Another great feature in Towbook is automatic mileage calculation. When you enter a valid address, Towbook will return the recommended mileage for the call, including loaded and unloaded miles.

Mapping. Towbook’s mapping feature allows you to monitor the location of your active jobs and trucks inside your dispatching software. You can even run the map on a separate screen. This helps you know which drivers are free and who to assign the next job to. Our team continues to add many more features to the system, while working to keep Towbook the easiest to use software in the Towing and Recovery business.

Free Trial, Free Setup, Free Support. Keep in mind that with Towbook, you get a 30 Day free trial, plus free setup and support and there are no contracts either. About Towbook Towbook Management Software is headquartered in Michigan and has provided cloud-based towing software for over 8 years. With the industry’s most advanced and flexible software, Towbook supports all types of towing and recovery operations. At Towbook, we take great pride in having the industry’s best customersupport. Support is free and available 24/7/365 – even on holidays.