Jerr-Dan MPL-NG or MPL-NGS Models

Photography courtesy of: Abraham Abarca, Eagle Eye Repo, Colorado Springs, CO.

If you are in the repo business, it’s likely that you already know what you’re looking for: a durable truck that gets the job done efficiently. Look no further than the Jerr-Dan MPL-NG or MPL-NGS models. Jerr-Dan’s standard wrecker line-up includes an MPL-NG and MPL-NGS that offer a quick and speedy recovery. Sold by authorized Jerr-Dan distributors, either model offers you durability, versatility, and the efficiency to get the job done. The underlift on both models come standard with a 90-degree pivoting head, with an 8,000 lb. winch option or without a winch – allowing you to recover a parallel parked vehicle with ease.

Whether you choose to add a winch or not, Jerr-Dan designed the NG and NGs with efficiency and the operator in mind. Stay in your cab and use the in-cab remote to control and lower the underlift down to the desired level parallel to the ground. With the standard adjustable auto-level stop assist system, the underlift will automatically halt when it’s level to the ground which will prepare you to extend the self-locking L-Arms at the necessary level to complete the pick. Setting the underlift and L-Arms to be aligned at the perfect level is essential during any recovery.

The capacities on the NG and NGS allow for a 4,000 lb. lift when the underlift is fully extended. A winch capacity of 8,000 lbs. comes complete with 3/8” X 75’ wire rope, including the manual free spool and rope tensioner.

Other features on both models include multiple grid options from manual L-Arms, pivoting L-Arms, or fixed L-Arms. Whether you are towing low-clearance sports cars or motorcycles, the customizable wheel lift packages for each model let you take on more jobs, faster.

The NG is built with an aluminum, modular body to meet the needs for you and your business. Just as durable is the NGS, configured with a steel body that has a steel diamond plate deck. Whether you desire a steel body or aluminum, modular body, either model comes off the line with a standard back-up alarm and Low-Maintenance NoLube™ technology or, are available with optional grease fittings.

If your goal is to get the job done as efficiently as possible—look no further than the durable Jerr-Dan MPL-NG or MPL-NGS for your next recovery.

Find a Jerr-Dan distributor today or learn more about the MPLs here. Jerr-Dan is committed to supporting you after the sale. Contact a distributor today for all your parts and service needs.