The transportation industry is experiencing unprecedented co$t increa$e$

  • Fuel prices have doubled
  • Insurance costs are rising
  • Purchase price of new trucks has increased significantly
  • Maintenance costs and tires are up over 30%

The Heavy Towing Industry has seen some of the highest cost increases due to the size of heavy tow trucks in comparison to standard freight hauling tractors.

The rule of thumb is that the cost of owning and operating a truck is proportional to the size of the truck.  A typical heavy duty wrecker weighs in excess of 50,000 pounds.  In comparison, a fifth wheel tractor used to haul a semi-trailer is less than half that weight.  Proportionately the tractor is less expensive to buy, will burn less fuel, and won’t eat up tires and brakes.

What if you could tow any heavy truck down the road with an efficient fifth wheel tractor like every other commodity of freight is hauled?  

The Tru-Hitch™ Fifth Wheel Towing Device is the solution to the compromises that other heavy towing equipment struggle with       

  • No need to be a long wheel base
  • No need to be front-end heavy
  • Coupled and pivoting on a standard fifth wheel eliminates any pinch points while turning
  • Able to lift 32,000 pounds and not be overweight on your rear axles
  • Never taking weight off your front axle while towing
  • Since axles are evenly loaded, tire and brake life are extended
  • Cost to purchase, operate and maintain is a fraction of that of a heavy wrecker

Operation is simple and safe

Any fifth wheel tractor can couple to a Tru-Hitch™ in a similar way as coupling to any trailer.  When the Tru-Hitch™ is attached to the truck being towed, it becomes the front section of a safe and legal semi-trailer.

With the connecting of proper lighting and brakes, you are now towing a truck that meets all federal motor carrier safety standards as a legal semi-trailer. 

Because the truck in tow is being lifted by the axle or chassis by the Tru-Hitch’s™ twin booms, it is very stable and has a low center of gravity.

The booms are positioned under the truck to be towed or the truck being towed is winched onto the booms.  The boom extensions are then attached to the truck to be towed making a rigid extension to support the truck/ Tru-Hitch™ combination as a semi-trailer.

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