Lift & Tow


Lift & Tow, the original creators of the hidden wheel lift, is a leader in providing solutions that make towing jobs easier and more efficient. 3 Series wheel lifts deliver a cost-effective way to get the professional towing capabilities you require without having to purchase a traditional tow truck. Our wheel lifts for sale are simple to install and use, saving you time and reducing the manual labor involved in towing cars and trucks.


The 3 Series is a slide-in wrecker boom that attaches to the underbody of your pickup truck and is completely hidden from view when not in use. It’s an excellent towing solution for municipalities and commercial towing companies as well as independent tow truck drivers and repo agents. The sub-frame is adjustable in width and length for the most versatile hidden tow boom available on the market with 3,500lbs lifting capacity, and 7,500lbs towing capacity. Your trucks will look and drive like normal, with the “hidden” ability to tow vehicles in as little as 35 seconds. The 3 series system costs just $3,995.00.

5 Series 

Lift & Tow’s 5 series system is the advanced version of the 3 series system.

Similar to the 3 series model, the 5 series is a hidden wheel system that rests underneath your truck to tows cars, pickup trucks and vans. The system has adjustable arms (12’’-17”) and wheel lift shoes that expand to fit myriads of uniquely shaped vehicles. Additionally, the 5 series model has a hydraulic control system that extends 62’’ from the back edge of the bumper.

The most significant difference between the 5 series and the 3 series model is that the 5 series powers up and down, as well as in and out. Additionally, it has a 4,000-pound lift and 8,000- pound tow, providing drivers with the convenience of powering the boom out. Give us a call if you have any questions about our systems. The 5 series system costs just $5,495.00, when you see how it will make your business more efficient, you will see a nice return on your original investment.

“I first saw Lift &Tow a few years ago and I bought my first unit which was a 5 series … I used it and fell in love and decided to start selling and installing these units. They are truly amazing units, very strong and best of all you get to utilize the bed. We are a New York City only authorized Lift & Tow dealer … working hand in hand with Gene Hurst at Lift & Tow. We service and install all of the tri state area, We have installed these units on NYC’s best chase trucks, around.” — Autorino Motorsports Brooklyn, NY 11208

Z Series Towing Equipment

Lift & Tow’s Z series system is a tow truck driver’s best friend, as drivers can complete towing jobs without even stepping out of their trucks. The Z series does not require manual labor, making a tow truck driver’s job safer while saving him time and money.

All tow truck drivers have to do is back up their truck to the vehicle they plan to tow and press a button on their remote; the system will take care of the rest. With this level of convenience comes enhanced safety as drivers are spared the risk of stepping out into high-volume traffic. The lift powers in and out, and up and down, and open and close, all maneuvers as directed by the remote. The Z series can lift up to 4,000 lbs. and tows up to 8,000 lbs.

The Z series comes with all the necessary tools and installation instructions, although we also offer professional installation services for our customers. The Z series system costs just $7,995.00.

Z Series Key Features

  • Greaseable
  • Each pivot point on the lift has a standard grease nipple for easy lubrication.
  • Built to Last
  • Made with 3/8 inch steel plating and professionally welded, our hand assembled lifts are the toughest in the business.
  • Powder Coating

All lifts are finished with a shiny black powder coat that will hold up to the weather and daily use.

Pivot Head

Made with 2 layers of 3/8 inch steel, and spanning 12 inches, we have built the strongest pivot head ever.

Weight Capacity

  • The Z-Series has been designed and tested to lift 4,000 pounds and tow 8,000 pounds with ease. Self Loading
  • The Z-Series has folding arms that allows for easy concealment while maintaining self-loading capabilities.

Hitch Receiver

A hitch receiver is welded under the boom of the lift to maintain standard tow-ing functionality.


One year limited warranty on manufactured parts.

We stand by our product and service that we sell. We have every part in stock to keep the tower up and running. Lift & Tow specializes in simplifying the towing process. Our innovative tow-ing equipment is not only quick and efficient; they are also compatible with a myriad of different vehicles, negating the need to purchase a separate tow truck or rollback. Best of all, the equipment is hidden when not in use and is easy to use!     

Our latest innovation from Lift & Tow

Lift & TowA brand-new product has just been released, our very own line of Wheel Dollies. These dollies come in either a #3000lb or 4,000lb capacity. These new dollies are heavy duty and weigh about 52lbs per. The dollies use a cam lock, locking mechanism, are very user friendly, and have an upgraded crossbar with heavy duty locking pins. The dollies use sealed bearings for longer life and are repairable and rebuildable. Visit today, and check out our full line of products, all proudly American made!.