Saving money on fuel by using your technology

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With current fuel prices and the price of your other vehicle maintenance products continuing to climb without the motor clubs raising their pay… It is more important than ever to be as efficient as possible. There are several things that affect your fuel and maintenance cost and several things that can help you. 

For those of you who are Azuga or Towbook users it is time to let this service work for you. 

1) Dispatching the correct vehicle to the scene: 

a. As you know, sometimes the closest vehicle is not the best one to send depending on the traffic and can actually take longer and burn more fuel than one that might be further away. With Azuga and Towbook, not only can you see which vehicle closest but accurate arrival times is taking traffic into effect which allows you to pick the correct vehicle every time.

2)  Safe driving and idling:

a. Using Azuga and Towbook allows you to quickly see and be notified of driving behavior issues. Inside Towbook, you will be able to see on your map the speed of every vehicle, ignition on/off as well as how long each vehicle has been idling

b. You will have a constant knowledge of driving events including speeding, harsh braking, idling and know every time your PTO is engaged. This helps you watch that the drivers are not burning fuel, wearing out tires and breaks or using your equipment for side work on your dollar.

3)  Getting maintenance done on time to reduce wear, tear, and more expensive repairs:

a. The maintenance report when properly set up will allow you to be notified every time before the oil needs to be changed, tires rotated, or brake inspected so you do not miss it and make the problem more expensive

b. Our system instantly notifies you when a check engine light comes on and sends you the code along with the diagnosed issue so you can get your truck back on the road faster.

c. This system will also let you upload parts lists, receipts, and warranties directly under each truck so you can easily see if there is warranty or money you can redeem with a maintenance issue.

 Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the people who are driving these prices up (you know where they reside) but we can help you limit your expenses related to these areas using a system that you hopefully already have. If not find out more at