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Tracker Software

The development of Tracker Management Systems, Inc. from day one was based on building a solution for the many needs within the office of towing companies. Providing customer support and training on how to utilize the software to maximize profits became a comer stone. Tracker has been extremely successful at achieving these goals. Tracker is practically a household name within the industry for nearly three decades and now second generation family. If you do not use Tracker to manage your business, most likely a successful company that you admire does.

Tracker continues to offer leading edge solutions, such as the only complete management suite that includes the needed functions to be able to maintain a complete picture of your business. Tracker goes way beyond a simple dispatch system that sends calls to phones or TomTom dash GPS. Look under the hood and you will discover for yourself what all it does. Notice the detailed functions that you would want after you get the basic dispatch and impound storage features working. Most other software perhaps go a little deeper adding the ability to do your statements. Linking to QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting is a great time saver, but after these few features, there are dozens of processes and variables to your business that should and could be automated. Utilizing Tracker will give you faster, quicker more accurate information in fraction of the time.

Lastly, your software selection needs to be a very easy to use and easy to understand solution. Easy, simple and complete are Tracker’s core values. As just one example, look at our Tracker Touch product, which links the GPS in truck communications with a visual picture of your city. Add all your calls to the same screen, then give your dispatcher the ability to assign a call to the nearest truck within 3 seconds by simply touching the screen. Then be able to see the actual ETA of any assigned truck without talking to the drivers. Stop wishing there was a product like this. Stop wishing your company was up to speed. Tracker has products built for the way you run your business. These products are available today from Tracker. Call today to set up a live demo and get your questions answered.